Beer Mugs

Custom Beer Mugs

Wagging Tail Portraits now offers personalized custom pet portrait beer mugs-20 oz. The perfect way to enjoy a cold brew with your best friend. 

Our 20 oz over-sized mugs are hand-blown in Poland.  Equally capable of handling a hearty stout, or a refreshing lemonade, this vessel features a wonderfully comfortable handle and nice “weighty” feel.   Treat yourself with a likeness of your furry friend, artistically painted on its delightfully rounded shape. Hand-Painted in America.

*Please note these beer mugs are for cold beverages only and can only be hand-washed. They can not go in the microwave or dishwasher. Take care not to allow them to soak in water for an extended time. Beer mugs are hand-washable with a soft sponge. Please wait 3 weeks after delivery before hand washing them.