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Custom Painted Pet Portraits on Canvas by Founding Artist Sherry kendall

Q. Do I need to send several photos?

A. Yes, several photos are helpful, but more importantly, each photo should be good and clear so Sherry can see the detail of how the fur wraps around the nose and eyes. You can upload initial large format reference photos through our Portrait Quote Area for us to review or send 5 x 7 inch copies to us through the mail.

Mailing Address:
Art Dept
c/o Wagging Tail Portraits
15948 Frederick Road
Woodbine, MD 21797

Q. Does Sherry work from photos or from the pet posing?

A. Sherry works from photos, but she does enjoy meeting the pet whenever possible, and taking her own reference photos.

Q. Does Sherry like hearing about the pet?

A. Yes, Sherry loves to hear all about your pet. It really helps her portray his or her personality on canvas.

Q. Do I get to pick my own background color?

A. Yes, if you know where you will be displaying your portrait, Sherry likes to have your input into the color choice for the background.

Q. Do I need to frame the canvas?

A. It is a personal choice whether or not to frame the painting. Sherry works on gallery wrapped canvases, which have deep edges, so they look great unframed. In some cases, Sherry wraps the ears around the edges of the paintings.

Q. How long does a painting typically take once I send the photos?

A. For pet portraits painted on canvas there is currently about a 6 month turn around time for completing the painting. If the painting is being shipped additional time is needed to allow for ample drying time.

Q. Do I get to see my painting before it is shipped?

A. Yes, you will see your painting in two stages. After the acrylic underpainting is completed you will be emailed a photo of the first stage of your painting. This is a good time to see the background color to make sure it is the color you want. After this Sherry works on your painting using waterbased oil paints over the next six weeks. She needs to allow a week of drying time between layers of the oil paints. After your painting is completed you will be sent a final photo of the painting prior to shipping.

 Q. Do you ship paintings?

A. Yes, Sherry's paintings are in homes around the world. Please note: Sherry works in water-based oil paints, so if you need to have your painting shipped, please add about 4 to 6 months turn around time to allow ample drying time, prior to shipping.

Q. What is your favorite type of dog to paint?

A. Actually, I love painting all dogs, but if I had to pick one group, it would be the mixed breeds from the shelters. Each one is so unique, and it is something in their eyes. Once they have found their forever homes, they have that something special shining through. You would think I would be partial to goldens, since we have 2, and I've painted lots of them over the years, but it is the little mixed breeds that capture my heart and paintbrush.

Q. What is your payment policy for commisioning a pet portrait on canvas?

A. The payment process will be in three installments unless otherwise specified.  A non-refundable down payment of 25% is due in advance to secure your place in the artist's docket. A second payment of 25% will be due following  discussion with the artist or a Wagging Tail Portraits representative to determine the final specifications for your portrait.  The final payment of 50% to be paid upon completion of the painting, and to be received prior to shipping, or pick up, of the completed work. All credit card transactions are charged immediately upon purchase.



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